Don't Give up on Property Just Yet! Enter the Borderless Investor

June 13, 2019
Invex Team

In a survey by Galaxy Research commissioned by State Custodians:

23% say it’s too expensive to find an investment property where they live.

If your backyard happened to be either Sydney or Melbourne, yes you say that they're so expensive - and it's true. With the plethora of free information and data online, researching has become much easier for all of us (but watch out for analysis paralysis!). Have you ever said to yourself that you need to look at other markets, but it's all too hard? Then enter the borderless investor.

One key technique to being a borderless investor is to utilise the expertise of a Buyer's Agent to buy "sight unseen", as described on Homesales:

If you typically get emotional when buying property, buying sight unseen may be a blessing – but only if you have a trusted person who can undertake building and pest reports for you.
When you don’t see the property, you can’t get caught up in whether the kitchen is good enough, or whether you’d be able to live in it – an investment is just that, you don’t need to worry if you couldn’t cook for your family of five in a two bedroom unit.

If you're frustrated with the high property prices in your backyard despite the record downturn as of late, the team at Invex can help put you in touch with our network of Buyer's Agents. Leave your details below to find out what you should do next.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
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