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Is it about time to talk about financial freedom with your kids?

May 1, 2019
Invex Team

Our interviews with millennial investors have shown that the majority of them only invest when prompted by their own parents. Their busy lives don't lend much to long-term planning which involves setting aside time for self-education and thoughtful development of their financial goals.

Alexandra Cain's article in the AFR puts this down nicely:

"Molnar says millennials have disregarded many traditional investing principles, such as buying and holding investments for the long-term. As a result we typically see a very short-term focus, even though they have a very long-term investment window" he says.
This expectation of instant gratification can be to the detriment of their investment goals. Says Molnar: "Achieving a balance between short, medium and long-term investing is a challenge."

These days, with a glut of information that's overwhelming for your kids, some well-meaning advice from parents is in short-supply. Give them a hand, share your property investment story and secure their future (or in other words, avoide them tucking into yours!). With so much investment grade property out there, let us know if your kids could do with some help as we've got a network of Buyer's Agents that will take the stress off buying their first one. Leave your details below and we'll give you some tips on next steps.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash
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