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We're Living Longer, Will the Pension Be Enough When You Retire?

April 16, 2019
Invex Team

Have you heard of the longevity escape velocity

If not, then you should. One of the leading futurists of our generation Ray Kurzweil puts it simply:

“I predict it’s likely just another 10 to 12 years before the general public will hit longevity escape velocity.”
“At that point, biotechnology is going to have taken over medicine,” Ray added. “The next decade is going to be a profound revolution.”

That's a big deal. If you're about 15-25 years away from retirement age, you could be caught with your pants down when the medical advancements and innovation have allowed us to live longer, inflation hasn't slowed down and you discover your pension isn't going to cut it. Maybe you already know about this, and you want to act but you're stuck? Well there's help at hand, check us out at Invex by leaving your details below. We've been experts at property investing for decades so we can help you do a quick pulse-check to help unshackle you from your decision quagmire.

Photo by Elien Dumon on Unsplash
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