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3 Simple Ways to Get Out of Analysis Paralysis

April 6, 2019
Invex Team

Options, options, options...

Investing in property is a big deal, and if you're out to get your first one, you feel like it needs to be perfectly executed. Perfectionismoverwhelming options and decision fatigue - you have the perfect storm to cripple you and get into a jam even at the early stages of your property buying journey.

This line from Kristina Malsberger's blog at Dropbox resonated with me:

Avoiding option overwhelm requires discipline and proactive thinking. It starts by getting crystal clear on the result you hope to achieve.

You need guardrails in place to limit your options and have somebody dependable in your corner to avoid you slipping down that perfectionism warren. I think that comes down to strategic planning. Heard of that old adage “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”? - it can't be more true.

Get yourself a financial planner and they'll assist you to put some structure and plans around your goals. Be mindful that not all of them are licensed to provide property-centric advice. Or have a chat with us if you're already crystal clear on what you want to buy and you just need an on-the-ground property nerd to help source that investment property (we call them Buyer's Agents!), just leave your details below.

Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash
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