Don’t do it alone, property investing is Better Together.

We invest with you

Maximise your success.

We want to buy properties with you. Our interests are common, our goals are aligned and our risks are shared. We only succeed together.

It’s simpler than you think

How it works

1. Find the property
2. Negotiate
3. Co-Invest
4. Tenant
5. Manage
6. Sell
Why co-invest

Property is unattainable for most. Has been for a while

Income and property prices continue to deviate so everyday Australians are being locked out of the property market. What if you could co-invest?
Grattan Institute 2018& Residential property price index from ABS.

Did you know?

It takes a staggering 25 years for someone earning $100,000 to save for a 10% deposit on a property!

*Assumes 3% capital & income growth, 10% deposit on a $500k property. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, UBS
Financial independence

Looking for a solid investment strategy?

Whether you’re a mid-career millennial or at a household-forming stage, or a seasoned investor. Co-invest with us by leveraging our expertise in identifying and evaluating properties using investment fundamentals.
Give yourself a leg-up

There are so many advantages to

Aligned goals and shared risks. We are on your side.
Immediate access to 20% deposit. Get onto the property ladder sooner.
Leverage knowledge and expertise. Simpler decision making.
Access to wholesale discounts. Instant equity on your investment.
About Us

Transforming how property investing should be done

For too long, the property industry has been favouring the sell-side: property developers, agents & vendors. We believe in shifting the balance of power back to the buyer.

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