Co-purchasing will

There's no need to go it alone... ever.

It's Better Together.

Let’s be real, saving takes a lot of time

To get a leg up, use the 20% deposit from us to co-purchase. Instead of saving the next 7 years for a deposit, earn yourself yearly investment returns of 21% over the same period.

Picking the right property is hard

By teaming up, we’ll be aiming for the same outcome together. Our property selection criteria would include the award-winning developments out there with the greatest growth potential.

Share the gain,
spread the risk

Because we’re aligned. We're not in the business of selling property, but in the buying of property with you. We share 50/50 at the end of the investment. It is in the most trusted of environments that enable us to make this a possibility.

Property is unattainable for most. Has been for a while

Income and property prices continue to deviate so everyday Australians are being locked out of the property market. What if you could co-invest?
Grattan Institute 2018 & Residential property price index from ABS.

Did you know?

It takes a staggering 25 years for someone earning $100,000 to save for a 10% deposit on a property!

*Assumes 3% capital & income growth, 10% deposit on a $500k property. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, UBS
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