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Get in the market, at last.

Invex could help you buy a home years or even decades faster.

Break out of the 'renting and saving' trap.

Live in the property you want, in the suburb you want.

Saving for a 20% deposit could take you decades

Saving for a deposit is getting harder as rents go up and the cost of living increases with inflation.

Every day you try, the further you fall behind.

Did you know?

It takes a staggering 16 years on average for someone earning $250,000 p.a. to save a 20% deposit for a $2M property!

*Assumes 6.8% p.a. property value growth and 3% p.a. income growth, 20% deposit required on a $2M property. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Household savings are assumed at 5% of post-tax earning
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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics & Trading Economics

Renting and saving takes too long, and it's taking longer than ever.

If it was easy, you probably wouldn't be
reading this.

Invex is here to help you escape the 'renting and saving' trap

With Invex you could get a deposit loan of 20% to help buy a place of your own.

We help you avoid inflated home loan interest rates and Lender's Mortgage Insurance. That way you start paying off your own mortgage, not someone elses, and build your financial future.

You could even keep your investments and keep your current lifestyle.

You win,
we win

We help you find a property with strong growth potential, because we benefit from that too.

And, unlike the banks, we want to help you pay us out as soon as possible.
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