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Here’s a case study to help illustrate what your investment could look like:
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  • You purchase a property for $500,000
  • Invex puts in the 20% deposit (=$100,000)
  • You take out a mortgage for the remaining 80% (=$400,000). This can be interest-only or P&I, subject to your application.
  • You receive 100% of the rental income.
  • You receive applicable depreciation tax benefits over the life of the property
  • In 7 years, assuming a growth rate of 4% per year, the property is now worth $657,966. Invex facilitates the sale and distributes the capital appreciation 50/50 - so $78,982 each to you and Invex*.
*before fees
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Got Questions?


1. Can I live in the property?
Yes, but you will forgo the rental income which would ordinarily help towards servicing the loan holding the property.
2. Can I keep the property after 7 years?
Yes, this is possible subject to the terms of the co-investment agreement. Typically, this would involve you purchasing our share of the investment at the market price.
3. What if I need to exit out of my co-investment?
Life circumstances can change for anybody down the track and it’s important to have flexibility in your investment. To exit, we would need to find a replacement co-investment partner to see out the residual period.
4. Will my loan be interest-only or principal/interest?
We’ve partnered with lenders that understand our product intimately, allowing competitive rates and compelling packages. An interest-only loan would be our recommendation for those looking to optimise their cash flows as well as offering a more simplified investment model.
5. What kind of property would I be investing in?
We specialise in new and off-the-plan investment properties, that is backed by proprietary research and independent valuation. We don’t align with any single property developer, instead, we utilise our data mining capability to determine the best areas for investment and thorough assessment of development sites and the development team to ensure the quality of execution and product.