How It Works

4 steps to become a homeowner

1. Get Qualified
Talk to our experts to understand your buying power and what repayments you can afford
2. Find the right property
Whether you have a property in mind or you're still looking, feel confident using our AI data driven recommendation engine
3. Get your deposit
Receive your 20% deposit loan, so you're free to pay your stamp duty and purchase costs with your savings. We'll even help you find the right lender for your 80% mortgage.
4. Buy your home!
Buy the home you want, in the suburb you desire.

How Do i pay invex back?

Each month you'll pay Invex a fixed monthly fee, for as long as you need us.
When you're ready, you can pay us out in 3 ways, it's your choice.
Option 1
When your property's value grows to the point that you can refinance and pay us out and remain at or under 80% LVR.
Option 2
If you come into money from an inheritance, windfall or anything else, you can pay us out at any time in full.
Option 3
If you choose to sell the property, you can pay us back using the proceeds.
We want to help you pay us out as soon as possible so we can use the money to help more people just like you.
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Got Questions?


1. What sort of property can I buy?
We help you investigate what properties and areas have high-conviction growth potential, derived using our proprietary data modelling and more than 20 years of investment experience.
2. Do I own the property or does Invex?
You are the legal owner of the property from day 1.
3. What if I need to exit out of my contract with Invex?
You can exit out of Invex via one of the 3 options mentioned above.
4. Will my loan be fixed or variable interest?
Your loan will be a fixed monthly amount that will not change, even if the RBA cash rate moves up or down
5. What happens if I default on my mortgage?
If you experience financial hardship or are unable to pay Invex's monthly fees or your mortgage holder's minimum monthly repayments, our team will work with you to ensure we investigate every option to assist you until you can get back on your feet.